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How can you select a proper LED bulb?

Date: 2019-01-25
LED refers to photodiode. Compared with the previous products, the price of LED bulbs has falling to a price in a consumer level market after a few years of development. However, it is sure that LED bulbs have more advantages than general lamps. Despite of its high price, it is still popular in the market.
Color Temperature
Color temperature includes warm tune and cold tune. The color temperatures of LED bulbs also include warm tune and cold tune. In my opinion, if you plan to select LED bulbs for your bedroom or living area, you’d better select those with warm tune, which is close to your skin color and makes your feel warm and comfortable. In contrast, those LED bulbs with cold tune are most suitable for kitchen and basement, as such place need bright luminance, helping us to find something or work. Besides, the restroom is an interesting place, where you can select the tune of LED bulbs based on your individuality and furniture. The arm tune can make you feel relaxed in the restroom; while the cold tune can make your more “efficient”. You can select the tune you like.
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
CRI refers to Color Rendering Index. It looks very complicated, right? In fact, it just indicates the color of the light source. Here, we will not describe in detail the layout. You can Baidu or Google it. You cannot purchase accurately unless you have understood the color of LED bulbs. LED bulbs can be the most harmonious part in your home. 
This parameter may be the most familiar parameter, which indicates how bright a bulb is. So, the higher lumen is, the higher the power dissipation is, right? This answer is no. Therefore, when we select LED bulbs, we have to carefully check the ratio of lumen value and power dissipation value. Thus, we can obtain a product with high luminance but low power dissipation. If you encounter such product, buy it!
The bulb is an adjusted that is most frequently used by us to change the luminosity and color of the lamplight. Besides, LED bulbs are safer than energy saving lamps, since they give out light not by “gaseous state”. So, the safety degree of LED bulbs is highest theoretically. The most important thing is that LED bulbs can save electricity. When they are used in a general family, their power consumption is negligible compared with the power consumption of the whole house. Therefore, you can try LED bulbs when you plan to buy bulbs. 


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