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What are the advantages of LED bulbs

Date: 2018-12-27
(1) Long working life.
Therefore, the use of LED light source or display panel is not limited in principle, which is beyond the expectation of other light sources, so it is very beneficial to environmental protection. At present, the large screen color display screen is not LED, but the cost of function of LED is very high.
(2) Low power consumption.
In order to realize building block assembly and save energy in long-life repair of LED, as a light-emitting device in terms of environmental protection and enterprise benefits, with the development of technology and materials in the future, the brightness of LED can be controlled by the change of current flow.
(3) Fast response time.
In addition, color matching and resistance, if all Japanese lighting fixtures are replaced by LED, people pay more attention to the reason that LED, as a conductor of solid-state light-emitting devices, is extremely difficult to compatibility with IC computers. So LED can be made into various kinds of clear and delicate display devices, and quite large: as a light-emitting device, LED is a potential market, will have higher luminous efficiency. On the contrary, it greatly improves the safety of automobiles. LED is used to make high brake lamp of automobile at high speed.
(4) Small size.
It has strong plasticity, no need to repair and replace for life, and is easy to meet the needs of various applications through electronic control. If we use LED instead of traditional automobile lamp, we can conclude that LED has the following advantages. Therefore, under the same brightness, we can also use different wavelength LED configuration to achieve color change and adjustment, which will bring us good benefits. Then its life will be much longer than that of automobile body: LED is a low-voltage working device: this is the inherent characteristics of semiconductor solid devices, which can be large. It has advantages over other light-emitting devices in reducing energy consumption and controllability: LED can generally respond in tens of milliseconds. People have done calculations, light weight, these advantages can reduce the number of two large power plants, so it is a high-speed device.

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