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Create Various Atmospheres by Decorative Bulb through Different Shape, Color and Luminance

Date: 2019-01-21
With the increasingly colorful spare-time life, the types of outdoor decorative bulbs are also increasing. The use of outdoor decorative bulbs can meet the demand for outdoor activities to a great extent. Among all outdoor decorative bulbs, decorative bulbs an indispensable part in modern landscape construction, which not only have relatively high ornamental value, but also highlight the coordinated combination of historic culture and surrounding environment of a scenic. Decorative bulbs make use of various shapes, colors and luminance to create unique atmosphere.  
In the brightening of modern cities, the outdoor decorative lights not only provide lighting but also form a harmonious image by virtue of their simplicity and novel shapes, achieving the enjoyment of beauty. For example, the decorative bulbs in lantern shape with red light can produce a festive atmosphere for a square, while those green coconut lights can create a tropical atmosphere by the side of a pool.
As a part of landscape design, the landscape lighting shall not only meet the demand of lighting, but also decorate and beauty the environment. Landscape lighting includes various elements, requiring an overall design and thinking. Besides, landscape lighting shall also take into consideration relevant key nodes, such as the key individual lighting for small scenic and building.
During the selection of the illuminant for decorative bulbs, we shall use warm illuminants as far as possible. A too cold illuminant or grotesque colorful illuminants are not suitable for private courts. Besides, a too cold or coquettish illuminant lacks of gentleness and comfort. Generally, floodlights are selected. In short, such lights have cover on the top. When the light emits, it will be reflected outward or downward by the cover. This can avoid the light emits directly, making people dazzling.
The gentle and soft light can make a small court more tranquil and comfortable. All decorative bulbs shall be arranged as a whole in respect of lighting, making the illuminance even and fluctuant and creating the artistic effect of brightness and darkness alternation. Besides, improper dark corners shall be avoided.

86-(769)-8676 8886
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