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Four Ways to Choose Five Great Ways to Buy LED Lamps

Date: 2018-12-27
LED lights can reproduce that warm feeling with less power consumption, but they are simply overheated. In addition, the same as CFL lighting, the price of LED lighting is relatively high.
1. Choosing color temperature according to season and environment:
The color temperature ranges from 2700 K to 6500K. The smaller the value, the more yellow the light is, and vice versa, the more blue and white the light is. Yellow light is usually used in winter and in bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants and other occasions to create a warm and comfortable feeling. The white light is bright and clear, suitable for summer and study, kitchen, etc.
2. Emphasis should be placed on color contrast and high color rendering ability should be selected.
Colour rendering refers to the authenticity of the color of an object after being illuminated by light. The value ranges from 0 to 100. At present, the standard of color rendering of LED bulbs is more than 75. However, it is suggested that more than 80 should be chosen. People with studios in their homes should choose bulbs with high color rendering, which can better reflect the authenticity of the color.
3. Select quantity and flux according to area and environment lighting demand:
Luminous flux refers to brightness. In the same area, according to different environments, the number of bulbs used varies. The same 16 square meters bedroom and study need 2 and 5 13-watt bulbs each.

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